About Lori Beth McDonald:

Lori Beth McDonald lives in Appleton, Wisconsin, and though she has lived in multiple states, she considers Wisconsin her home. Lori Beth found Christ as a teenager and though she admits the relationship she has had with God has been a rocky one, she has been in love with Jesus for more than 50 years.

Lori Beth spent a lifetime working to find her worth.  Raised in an alcoholic home, broken by sexual abuse, and robbed by a rape that left her unable to have children, she was driven by her pain. Lori’s 40-year battle against terminal illness led to a pivotal moment of decision that altered her value, her identity, and her heart. 

A conversational author with an easy-to-read writing style, Lori Beth is known for her short, get-to-the-point books. Vulnerable, raw, and real, she challenges the lies in our understanding of who God is, and how deeply He loves us. She uses the truth of scripture, in the hope that the reader will define the holes in their own beliefs, so they, too, can be free from the need to convince God of their worth and be deserving of His love.  

Once defined by guilt and shame, Lori Beth has been redefined – by Love.

Lori Beth is an author, evangelist, speaker, and the founder of Redefined Ministries. She resides in Wisconsin and shares her Different. More. Deeper. message through retreats and speaking engagements.