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After a 4-hour face-to-the-floor encounter with God, Lori Beth’s heart and hurts were dramatically altered by the love of God.  Knowing she could not go back to her old understanding, she longed for something different.  Different from the God she once understood,, more of the God who loved and changed her, and was committed to go deeper in relationship than she knew was possible. Determined to know and walk in the simple, powerful and oh-so-complete work of the cross,

Raw, real, and vulnerable – Lori Beth shares the challenges and realizations of her journey to challenge the lies in her understanding; to be redefined and established in truth;   and how she came to possess her permanent identity through the one who holds authority to declare something or someone as only He intends.


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What others are saying…

“Anyone who has faced challenges growing up in a broken world will relate to this ‘brave’ woman’s story. I was personally captured by Lori’s authentic and soul-bearing honesty as she shares her own journey of brokenness which led her face-to-face with death. Fortunately, her story does not end there! So much can be learned in hindsight and Lori Beth has a humble way of weaving in her learning that others may glean from her wisdom. Definitely a story of hope that is worth reading.”

Sally Cook
Author – What Are You Waiting for God?

“God has not only done many miracles in Lori’s life but He is now using her testimony to bring that same miracle power and freedom to people who are facing overwhelming obstacles.  She is living proof of the power of God!”

“Lori is truly an ambassador of God.  She is uniquely qualified to lead people into great freedom and deliverance. Hear her story and know firsthand the power of God to deliver and heal.  I am grateful for her ministry, it is desperately needed!”

Rev. Ben Lamb
Senior Pastor

Visible Church,
Green Bay, WI

Most would not choose to consume deadly poison that smells and tastes nasty.  Tragically many Christ followers are duped by Satan into choosing to consume the deadly poison of guilt and shame which leads to frustration, deep pain, internal crises and eventual death.  Through courage, vulnerability, and, most importantly, the Word of God, Lori Beth invites us to experience the Truth, Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ. He knows everything about us yet compels us to accept what we don’t deserve but desperately need! Lori’s story will deeply resonate with all of us who strive to be good enough but always come up short. Lori writes to expose the poison and cause you to collapse into the strong, accepting and loving arms of Jesus.

Art Van Zanten
Ordained Minister Assemblies of God

Author – Faith in Photos
Fort Myers, FL